🔹Vibranium Member

The more $GAFIN Tokens users hold the more opportunities to become our Vibranium Member - the highest rank for loyal members with exclusive perks and rewards. When being defined as a Vibranium member, you can have your name appear special in our platform, and receive a whitelist for early access to new launching new updated versions from 40+ gaming partners. Additionally, we have events on a large scale around the world that are exclusive for Vibranium members to value their loyalty and appreciation for their trust in our $GAFIN Tokens.

Benefits of Vibranium Member:

  1. Private List

  2. Private Event from GaFin

  3. Priority to play first

  4. Experience GaFin's testing products

  5. Special monthly gifts from GaFin

  6. Credit Card for GaFin mobile app

  7. And many more terms!!!

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