🧩GaFin UID

Along with players, our audiences can not only watch but get involved in tournaments by voting for their favorite teams and taking chances to get huge rewards.

  • Wallet Generate: Users can create accounts by connecting Social Accounts, we will identify the user and automatically generate to GaFin Wallet account.

  • Functions: GaFin Wallet can be used to store and trade tokens, Tickets, and NFTs when earned through tasks in the platform or exchange NFTs in the marketplace.

  • Metamask Integrate: Enhancing the trading experience - connect personal Metamask wallet to GaFin Wallet to buy Tickets by BNB or convert assets (Tokens, NFTs) to Metamask wallet.

  • Referral: As a GaFin user, you'll receive a unique referral code that you can share with others. This code is your key to unlocking a world of rewards. When someone signs up for GaFin using your referral code, they become a part of your referral network.

How Does It Work?

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