While GaFin platform organizes and automates professional tournaments with AI assistance, tokens can offer not only users but also the audience a sense of involvement. Utility tokens enable users to access our features.

  • Tournament Organizer: $GAFIN Tokens is the condition for users to organize a tournament on their own. If you are a game publisher, game studio, or community builder, there's no need to wait for a new tournament because you can definitely design by yourself.

  • Donating: When users possess tokens and want to make meaningful contributions and support to people they care for, they can use the $GAFIN token to donate with the spirit of generosity. Our feature offers a seamless and convenient way to contribute donations no matter where they are.

  • Premium Tournaments: $GAFIN Token is a prerequisite for users to participate in premium tournaments, which are featured well-known games and have really huge prize pools.

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