For Developers

Powering Game Studios through Innovation and Engagement.

For game studios venturing into the exciting realm of Web3, $GaFin Tokens offer a diverse SDKs toolbox of utilities that go beyond simple financial incentives. Here's how $GaFin Tokens empower studios to unlock new dimensions of creativity, engagement, and growth.

Expanded Floor

  • Liquidity Provision: In return for providing liquidity, users earn a share of the fees generated from trading within the pool.

  • Governance: Every $GAFIN token holder has the right to participate in building and ensuring that the platform grows.

  • Pay for GaFin Gate: To access infrastructure on GaFin Gate and query authentication data, developers will have to pay a charge in $GAFIN.

Operation Floor

  • Own NFTs In-Game: Owning in-game NFTs creates a sense of ownership and personalization for players.

  • Transactions Fee: $GAFIN tokens are used to pay for various transaction fees within the GaFin ecosystem.

  • Tournament: $GAFIN tokens are required to participate or organize in tournaments hosted within the GaFin platform.

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