Fostering Web3 Gaming Literacy through Education, Hackathons, and Esports.

Advisor for more than 10 Universities in Gaming and Web3 Education. First collegiate Tech Camp to reach +7,500 participants in Southeast Asia. GaFin and the University are forging a groundbreaking partnership to empower the next generation of Web3.

Web3 Education

Creation of innovative courses and workshops that demystify blockchain technology. Seasoned GaFin professionals will mentor promising students, guiding their projects and providing hands-on experience in the Web3 gaming industry.

Hackathons Event

Collaboratively host thrilling hackathons and workshops where students can test their skills, develop Web3 game prototypes, and compete for exciting prizes. These events will go beyond theory, providing students with hands-on experience in blockchain development, smart contract implementation, and designing engaging play-to-earn experiences. Access to GaFin mentors and industry experts during the hackathons and workshops will offer invaluable networking opportunities for students.

Esports Tournaments

GaFin and the University establish esports tournaments dedicated to Web3 gaming, promoting healthy competition and showcasing student talent within the university community. This partnership aims to shape the future of esports by integrating exciting Web3 features and promoting responsible competition among students university.

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