🧩Game Hub

GaFin Game Hub allows users to join, and receive attractive scholarships and in-game items from GaFin and other games.

  • One-Stop Portal: Collect users, easy to use, and can experience many Games at the same time. Support to Bring Traffic for games partner projects.

  • Casual Game: Besides publishing Web3 Games, GaFin also self-publishes Casual Games to attract Web2 users to familiarize themselves with Web3 Games - convert and create user journeys.

  • Play Directly: The Quest System linked to “Game Hub” requires Users to complete In-Game tasks to get rewards. Support Retention Rate, DAU, Transaction, and New Users for Projects published on “Game Hub”.

  • Scholarship: Tons of games to register and manage their scholarship

  • Dashboard: friendly dashboard helps users select high-rating games and e-Sports gaming in the market. We can recommend games based on a ranking calculation

  • Steam Integration: Steam Integration system makes it possible for users to receive rewards at GaFin by accumulative points on steam

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