🔸Product Program

  • Leaderboard Ranking: GaFin has designed a wide range of leaderboards for users to participate in, like Galxe, Zealy, activities in Discord, or top referral. By racing to the top ranking, users can earn GaFin Tickets and then convert them to $GAFIN Token.

  • Referral: The referral system is another new feature of GaFin aiming at incentivizing existing users to refer new users to our platform. Referrers will receive the number of GaFin Tickets upon signing up through the referral link. In the referral system with a fixed commission rate, earning is based on how many GaFin Tickets you have. Again, GaFin Tickets can be converted into $GAFIN Tokens.

  • Gamification: This is also an exciting way to earn $GAFIN Token. The condition to enjoy is simple: possess the number of GaFin Tickets as required and try your luck to earn.

  • GaFin’s Quest rewards: Quest system is a new feature of GaFin that is going to launch in Q3/2023. The quest system is designed with many tasks, including one-time tasks, daily, weekly and monthly tasks as well. GaFin Tickets are used to distribute when users complete the required quests. When users possess the number of GaFin Tickets, they can swap to $GAFIN Tokens then it’ll be released.

What is GaFin Ticket?

Some quests are direct to different web3 platforms like GaFin’s Galxe, Zealy, Discord, or Telegram. This interoperability enables our users to expand the potential earning opportunities within the broader blockchain landscape.

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