GaFin Ticket

⚡️Ticket Overview

  • A ticket is an Item circulated in the main activities of GaFin
  • Unlimited supply of Tickets
  • Tickets can be used to participate in Platform features
  • Tickets come from many different sources: Buy Tickets, participate in events, ...
  • Users can use Ticket to convert into gifts: NFT, Giftcode, ...
Business Model GaFin Ticket

⚡️Ticket Utility

1. Gamification

  • Users use Tickets to participate in voting for Tournaments and Events on Gamification Page
  • There are different forms of Voting on the Gamification page

2. Game Hub

  • Users can use a Ticket to create Guild
  • Also can upgrade Guild with Ticket to increase the number of members

3. Streaming

  • The user uses Ticket to Donate for Streamer
  • When a user donates to a streamer, the system automatically subtracts the user's ticket number and adds the corresponding ticket number to the Streamer account.
  • Streamer accumulates enough tickets as required, which will be converted into Fiat, NFT, and Token,...

4. Tournament

  • User/Guild use Ticket to participate in Tournament
  • The number of tickets needed to participate in the Tournament will be determined according to a certain number
  • Users use Tickets to participate in voting for Tournaments and Events on Gamification Page

5. Yield Farming

  • The user provides Ticket Farming to receive NFT, Token from GaFin or Partner projects

⚡️How to Earn GaFin Ticket

GaFin Tickets are the key to unlocking a world of exclusive rewards and opportunities within the GaFin ecosystem. By earning GaFin Tickets, you gain access to special events, unique in-game items, discounts, and much more.
  • Web Payment: When the users make a web payment through the GaFin platform, they have the opportunity to earn GaFin Tickets. By completing transactions or purchasing digital goods, they accumulate GaFin Tickets based on the value of their purchases
  • In-App Purchase: GaFin Tickets can also be earned through in-app purchases within supported games and applications. When you make in-app purchases, users are rewarded with GaFin Tickets based on the amount spent.
  • Quest System: The quest system offers a variety of tasks, missions, and achievements that, once completed, reward users with GaFin Tickets.
  • Social Campaign: Engage with the GaFin community and participate in social campaigns to earn GaFin Tickets. GaFin regularly organizes social events and campaigns where users can earn tickets by sharing content, inviting friends, or participating in community activities. It's a fun and interactive way to connect with fellow gamers while earning rewards along the way.